Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship orders to the UK & EU? If so, how will orders be shipped?

Yes, we ship to the UK & EU. However, things have changed. Enable for you to receive your order in your country you will more than likely have to pay the customs & duties fee enable to receive your order. In the past we worked with a company that provided the VAT payment service and accounting. However, they are no longer in business and we are searching for a new partner. 

At checkout I received an error stating one or more items are unable to be shipped to your international location.
If your order contains a number of items that could potentially weigh over 4lbs. or 64 oz. Please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

Pre-Order Deals & Bundles: While we strive to get your merch & media to you on or by release day. That is usually impossible for us. When working with the North American distributors and/or International labels, we typically receive the media only a few days before the release day. On top of getting the merch printed and packed with the media takes a little extra time.

If you ordered other products with your pre-order. We will ship all the items together.

What does Awaiting Fulfillment mean?
Once you have placed your order and paid. Your order goes into that mode. From there your products or merch, is being checked for stock, pulled, packaged and prepared for shipment. Since we ship on Mondays & Thursdays. Your order can be in that state up until that time.

If you placed a Pre-Order. It will stay in that state up until 2 days after the expected release date listed on the site. Why? See Above.

Will I be sent an email with tracking information?
For domestic customers, yes, you will receive and email confirming shipment and you will have tracking information available.

For international customers, yes, you will receive an email notification that your order has been shipped. The tracking information you will be sent is only good to locate the package in the U.S.A. It will show it's last location in the U.S. and that it had reached the destination post office. Once the package is transferred to your countries postal service, there is no longer any tracking information. This shipping method is the most economical way. If you want door to door tracking please contact us.

Where is my International Order?
International Orders are shipped every other Thursday. It may take 7 days before your order is shipped. It all depends on the volume of international orders we receive that week.

Once your order is shipped. Orders are taking at least 8-10 Weeks and some longer. If your order has not arrived in 12 weeks. Please contact us.

The International tracking still says "In transit to destination country" - can I get a refund?
No, as long as there is still milestone tracking markers indicated on your shipment we will not issue a refund.

The International tracking still says "Item Received by Destination Post" - can I get a refund?
No, this means it has been received by your local postal service. We suggest contacting them & the customs office in your country.

I ordered a Pre-Order Item & an in stock item, can I get the in stock item shipped?

No, we ship in stock items with pre-order items. If you want the in stock item first, order it separately.

I only want to to order a patch or sticker, why is it so expensive to ship?
Enable to have tracking on the shipment we have to ship it as a "Package" and not a letter or flat. If you wish to have it shipped as a letter or flat, we can arrange that for you. However, there is no tracking and you forfeit the right to claim the item lost or undelivered.

Do you need to cancel an order?
You may do so by contacting us with your order number. Keep in mind we will refund the amount less the PayPal or Credit Card fees.
The  fee amount will be 4% for Domestic & 6% for International Orders.