Seven Spires - "Emerald Seas" - CD

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Seven Spires is an American metal quartet, and Berklee College Of Music graduates, specializing in melancholic tales and tenebrous grandeur. Part bittersweet melodic metal anthems, part apocalyptic melodic death and black metal, and part Romantic Classical poets, they are storytellers who draw from across the traditional spectrum of metal and beyond to weave tragedies of demons, death, love, and the peculiarities of human condition. Vocalist Adrienne Cowan also sings for Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony and Avantasia.


1.    Igne Defendit
2.    Ghost Of A Dream
3.    No Words Exchanged
4.    Every Crest
5.    Unmapped Darkness
6.    Succumb
7.    Drowner Of Worlds
8.    Silvery Moon
9.    Bury You
10.    Fearless
11.    With Love From The Other Side
12.    The Trouble With Eternal Life
13.    Emerald Seas Overture