Ektomorf - Retribution - CD

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Consistency, integrity and quality are words that first comes to mind when you hear the name EKTOMORF. One and a half years after the 'Black Flag' album, it's time to welcome the newest piece of work by the band around charismatic frontman Zoli Farkas. 'Retribution' again is a first-class 'fist in your face' album, displaying heavy grooves and sheer power in the best of ways. Refining and bringing things to perfection was the goal, and this has been achieved impressively. 'Retribution' was again mixed and mastered by the band's long-time producer Tue Madsen (Antfarm studios).


1. You Can't Control Me
2. Ten Plagues
3. Face Your Fear
4. Escape
5. Who The F**k Are You
6. Numb And Sick
7. Lost And Destroyed
8. Souls Of Fire
9. I Hate You
10. Watch Me
11. Mass Ignorance
12. Save Me
13. Whisper
14. Collapsed Bridge (CD bonus track)