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Arch Echo - "Arch Echo" - DigiPak/CD

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Digipak is the special packaging. The CD is included.

"Arch Echo’s self-titled debut album has to be one of the best progressive albums released lately. The songs are interesting, varied, and very jazz-infused, showing the incredible talent of each member right from the start. These guys sound like they have a ton of fun playing together, but are also able to infuse the heavy emotional elements that I love so much. Also, keep in mind that while I’ve omitted several songs for the sake of keeping the review relatively short, I absolutely loved every song on this album." - Under Air Media

"Arch Echo is phenomenally serious and mature while preserving the fun and joy of progressive music that dares to explore the tangibly distant edge of persevering creativity. It is constantly surprising and satisfying. Look forward to tracks such as “My Heart Sometimes”, that culminate in a tidal wave of arrangements and fast, complex, and immersive textures. This album completely shreds, but does so with grace and always controls the emotional atmosphere for you to actually enjoy the scope of everything given to you on this masterwork. It is a must-have for 2017’s collection. Arch Echo is epic, and that would be putting it lightly" - itdjents 10/10


1. Earthshine (Click for Video)

2. Afterburger

3. Hip Dipper

4. Color Wheel (Click for Video)

5. Bloom

6. Spark

7. My Head Sometimes

8. My Heart Sometimes

Joey Izzo: Keyboard
Adam Rafowitz: Guitars
Adam Bentley: Guitars
Joe Calderone: Bass
Richie Martinez: Drums

Mixed by Adam Bentley
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic (Systematic Productions)
Album Art by Daniel Wagner (D-Dub Designs)

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