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Voyager - "Fearless in Love" - DigiPak/CD

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Digipak is the special packaging. The CD is included.

The intrepid Aussies VOYAGER drop their most epic electro progressive power pop metal to date with their brand-new album 'Fearless in Love.' An exhilarating mix of 80's synthpop meets modern progressive metal, the album features their most infectious and anthemic work yet. Featuring the Eurovision favorites "Promise" & "Dreamer", the heavy pulse of "Prince of Fire", the upbeat "Submarine" and more, 'Fearless in Love' is next-level prog metal mastery that shatters all archetypes and expectations.

On Fearless In Love sweeping vocals paired with emotive lyrics inspired by the grit and glam of 80s and 90s film overlay heavy guitar riffs and percussion to create a sonic journey that pushes the boundary of what fans have come to expect from Voyager.  Fearless In Love will be released on July 14th andis available for pre-order.

Voyager are offering an exclusive Artist Edition of split red/blue vinyl limited to 250 copies worldwide. 

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the song not existing at the time of production, ‘Promise’ does not feature on this first run of vinyl, making the "Promise/Dreamer" vinyl the perfect companion to this item.

CD (incl. the 2023 Eurovision track "Promise" in Digipak with 16-page booklet)


1 - The Best Intentions

2 - Prince of Fire

3 - Ultraviolet (feat Sean Harmanis)

4 - Dreamer

5 - The Lamenting

6 - Submarine

7 - Promise

8 - Twisted

9 - Daydream

10 - Listen

11 - Gren (Fearless in Love)