UK / EU Customers

As of July 1st 2021 we have suspended all orders/shipments to the United Kingdom & European Union Countries.

These territories have enforced upon all businesses to charge, collect and submit VAT on all goods ordered from outside those territories.

For a small company like ourselves, this would a very large undertaking and would cost us more time for all the accounting. We would also have to hire a costly intermediary service company to submit VAT on our behalf. We have been looking at many different options to try and implement this by July 1st. So far we have been unsuccessful in finding a company  that will allow us to keep our shipping prices anywhere close to what they are currently. This would no doubt create a rise in shipping costs and that would directly reflect the total costs of your orders, because the VAT will be charged on the goods & the shipping total. 

If you do wish to complete an order and are located in one of those territories. You may want to look into a Freight Forwarding company. Your order would be shipped to a location in the U.S.A. then shipped to your country using their service.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, at this time we see no other way around it. It has the potential to be a major blow to our business, but there is nothing we can do. We appreciate all the EU & UK customers that have ordered from us and we certainly hope you will continue to do so once we figure out a solution.

Please Contact Us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.