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German Customers - Click Here

As of July 1st 2022 - Germany has implemented an act called The German Packaging Act. It is requiring all businesses regardless of size to register their business into the LUCID packaging act registry. Any company that sends goods placed in sales packaging for the first time (product packaging, mail-order packaging and service packaging) to German private customers has to contribute to the costs of collecting, sorting and recycling the packaging waste that is created by paying a ‘license fee’.

As a very small international company based in the USA. With the fees, the paperwork, book keeping plus the amount of VAT and shipping costs already increasing the overall price of the orders. We have decided to pause all shipping to Germany. We can understand your displeasure with this decision as we are the only official merchandise store for some artists. We will continue to research to try and find a resolution for this. However, we have no time table, so you can reach out to us and inquire if you are still interested in placing an order.

Have you ever used or heard of a Freight Forwarding Service?
This is a company/website where we can ship to an address in the USA and then they take the shipping responsibility to your international address from there. We are not affiliated or know anything about this particular company, we have just researched for more options to help our International customers receive merch!

We are sorry for this inconvenience.