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Dzo Nga - "The Sachem's Tales" - Digipak CD

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The Sachem's Tales is Dzö-nga's second full-length album. A concept album about Algonquin folklore, it is the first release featuring singer Grushenka Ødegård. The duo are joined by session drummer Aaron Maloney (ex-This or the Apocalypse) and vocalist Lilith Astaroth (Sorrowseed), who lends an ethereal voice to "Halle Ravine."

2022 reissue mix.


1. Midewiwin Lodge 02:34
2. To the Great Salt Water 08:48
3. The Wolves Fell Quiet 07:22
4. Halle Ravine 04:04
5. Against the Northern Wind 07:16
6. A Seventh Age of Fire 09:22
7. The Witching Meadow 03:25
8. The Wolves Fell Quiet (Live at Dusk) 06:45