Persefone - "Spiritual Migration" - CD

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2013 release from this Metal band that hails from Andorra. Carlos Lozano (guitar and vocals), Miguel Espinosa (Keyboards and vocals), Jordi Gorgues (guitar) and Toni Mestre (bass) demonstrate their great musicianship and imagination on this long awaited release. Bands like Opeth, Borknagar, Arcturus, Death, Symphony X and Cacophony are all influences on the band's sound.


  1. Flying Sea Dragons
  2. Mind as Universe
  3. The Great Reality
  4. Zazen Meditation
  5. The Majestic of Gaia
  6. Consciousness (Pt.1) : Sitting in Silence
  7. Consciousness (Pt.2) : A Path to Enlightenment
  8. Inner Fullness
  9. Metta Meditation
  10. Upward Explosion
  11. Spiritual Migration
  12. Returning to the Source
  13. Outro