Mors Principium Est - "Seven" - Ltd. Box Set

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Limited Edition Box set (limited to 300 units) contains: (Pictures of the box set is only for reference, final product still in production)

- Digipak-CD
- Poker card deck in an exclusive Mors Principium Est design
- 3 skull dice (Image coming soon)
- Golden logo patch (Image coming soon)
- Sticker (Image coming soon)
- Certificate of authenticity

Mors Principium Est - "Seven" - Poker Cards
Set of 52 Cards with Jokers
Completely custom designed cards with unique clubs, diamonds, spades & hearts
Skulls are the number indicators, card number 7 is the album cover art.

Scheduled to be released October 23rd 2020

Track listing Digipak-CD:
01 A Day For Redemption
02 Lost In A Starless Aeon
03 In Frozen Fields
04 March To War
05 Rebirth
06 Reverence
07 Master Of The Dead
08 The Everlong Night
09 At The Shores Of Silver Sand
10 My Home, My Grave