Leprous - "Malina" - CD

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Leprous is a visionary band that defies genre, not just in style, but also in attitude. After releasing ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ (2009), ‘Bilateral’ (2011) and ‘Coal’ (2013), the Norwegians released their monster album ‘The Congregation’ in 2015 to high acclaim and successful world touring. Leprous, however, is not a band that takes success resting on their hind quarters, as they believe in pushing boundaries, learning from mistakes, and following their instincts. They are prepared to release their new album, ‘Malina,’ on August 25th, and it is set to offer a left hook to the progressive music world.

Of all things, Leprous is not a band that can be caged into any single genre. What they do believe in, however, is pursuing their artistic passions and following wherever their hearts may lead. They have been celebrated for their evocative mix of polyrhythmic grooves, melancholy atmospheres, melodic vocals, and biting lyrics; but their new album represents a pure stream of consciousness in the changes they have made to their sound. It’s in this imaginative style of composition that the band finds “a lot of the beauty about composing and creating: There’s always movement.”

The band, however, found their instincts leading them away from simply polishing the melancholy progressive metal of ‘The Congregation.’ They followed their conviction about creating music that feels right in the moment, which they consider to be the core of all true musical expression. In the process, Leprous has become a band that is, as they admit, “more accurately defined as a rock band than a metal band,” though even that label is unsatisfactory and unnecessarily binding. The slick, modern, engaging ‘Malina’ expresses their souls, embodies their passion, and confirms their genius.


1. Bonneville (05:28)
2. Stuck (06:48)
3. From the Flame (03:51)
4. Captive (03:43)
5. Illuminate (04:21)
6. Leashes (04:09)
7. Mirage (06:48)
8. Malina (06:15)
9. Coma (03:55)
10. The Weight of Disaster (06:00)
11. The Last Milestone (07:30)
12. Root (04:08) (CD-only bonus track for US)