Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore Superstar CD

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The album is produced by the band and mixed by Joe Barresi (SlipknotQOTSA, Soundgarden etc). To reinvent them selves they got back to old demos from -94 when they first started the band and through that got in contact with the feeling and the vibe that inspired them in the first place. That same philosophy goes for the whole album - how they approached the recordings, artwork, the production and mix of the album. So this is nothing less than Hardcore Superstar coming full circle by showing the fans where they come from and what they still believe in!


  1. Don't Mean Shit
  2. Party 'Til I'm Gone
  3. The Cemetery
  4. Off with Their Heads
  5. Fly
  6. The Ocean
  7. Touch the Sky
  8. Growing Old
  9. Glue
  10. Messed up for Sure