Pre-Order Deals & Packages will be shipped on or within 2 days of the official release of the album or merch. Why is that, you say? Enable to provide the pre-order deal to customers up until the day of the release. We have to order and print the shirts, order CDs from the distributor and any other exclusive items just before that date. Since most pre-orders are a very special price we have to be very accurate on the amount we order to not have to many extras or not have too few of a particular size. We completely understand the situation you may be in.. Well.. Itunes, Amazon or even the record label customers already have the music! We get that, but they also don't have the shirt or special items for a great price. So please be patient.

If you ordered other products with your pre-order. We will ship all the items together.

What does Awaiting Fulfillment mean?

Once you have placed your order and paid. Your order goes into that mode.
From there your products or merch, is being checked for stock, pulled, packaged and prepared for shipment. Since we ship on Mondays & Thursdays. Your order can be in that state up until that time.
If you placed a Pre-Order. It will stay in that state up until 2 days after the expected release date listed on the site. Why? See Above.

Will I be sent an email with tracking information?

For domestic customers, yes, you will receive and email confirming shipment and you will have tracking information available.

For international customers, yes, you will receive an email notification that your order has been shipped. The tracking information you will be sent is only good to locate the package in the U.S.A. It will show it's last location in the U.S. Once the package is transferred into your country, there is no longer any tracking information as it switches to your local postal service. This shipping method is the most economical way. If you want door to door tracking please contact us.