Christian Alvestam - Self 2.0 Limited Edition - Vinyl - Signed

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Christian Alvestam Self 2.0 Limited Edition - Signed
Hand numbered and strictly limited to 200 copies.

1. Once Adreamed
2. Time To Let Go
3. Departure Theme*
4. Origins
5. City Of Sand Castles*
6. The Unforsaken
7. En Knippa Ljung
8. Waiting Out The Storm*

*bonus track

180g black vinyl.

Includes a double-sided poster, an additional insert sheet and a slipmat.
Original artwork by Pär Olofsson.
Reproduction and new artworks by Johnny Olsson.
Layout by Seiya Ogino (Ogino Design), Christian Älvestam and Tommi Konu.
Mixed and remastered for vinyl by Plec and Christian Älvestam at Panic Room studios.