Caligula’s Horse - "Moments From Ephemeral City" (Re-Issue 2018) Gatefold Black 2LP+CD

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❗ The CD will be inserted in a slipcase within the vinyl gate fold. You will not get the digipak packaging

Named for the prized possession of Rome’s infamous despot, CALIGULA’S HORSE is a progressive alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Channelling the raw honesty of rock and the skill of progressive metal into a seamless voice at once energetic, grand and forthright, CALIGULA’S HORSE offers devotees of all strains of powerful and progressive music something unique. Formed by Sam Vallen and Jim Grey in early 2011, CALIGULA’S HORSE released their debut album “Moments from Ephemeral City” in April of the same year. "Moments" is a colourful and dynamic foray into modern progressive music, at once vital, eclectic, and memorable. It was followed in 2013 by "The Tide, the Thief & River's End", a dark, powerful narrative concept album about isolation, exodus, and the human spirit overcoming insurmountable odds. It received international acclaim in the progressive music sphere, lauded by rock and metal fans alike. The release of "River's End" saw the group undertake an intense touring regime, including dates with the likes of OPETH, TESSERACT, MASTODON, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, PROTEST THE HERO, and hundreds more. Both albums are now available in vinyl for the first time ever!

Disc 1 Side 1
01. The City Has No Empathy (Your Sentimental Lie) (06:10)
02. Silence (07:14)
03. Singularity (03:34)

Disc 1 Side 2
01. Alone In The World (11:05)
02. Ephemera (03:20)
03. Equally Flawed (06:09)

Disc 2 Side 1
01. Calliope's Son (Don't Ever Look Back) (05:09)
02. Colossus (05:41)
03. Vanishing Rites (Tread Softly Little One) (05:13)

Disc 3
01. The City Has No Empathy (Your Sentimental Lie) (06:10)
02. Silence (07:14)
03. Singularity (03:34)
04. Alone In The World (11:05)
05. Ephemera (03:20)
06. Equally Flawed (06:09)
07. Calliope's Son (Don't Ever Look Back) (05:09)
08. Colossus (05:41)
09. Vanishing Rites (Tread Softly Little One) (05:13)