Astral Doors - Notes From The Shadow CD

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Formed in Borlänge in 2002, ASTRAL DOORS accomplished the all but accomplishable: delighting Power Metal fans and traditionalists alike. Simultaneously, the sound's unmistakable kinship to Dio-fronted Rainbow and Dio/Martin-fronted Black Sabbath earned Astral Doors momentum with old-school metalheads who frowned at the perceived blandness and lack of substance in the Power Metal genre. Now they are back with their brand new album 'Notes from the Shadows'. It shows the band at its very, very best. With world famous producer Daniel Bergstrand behind the mixing board, their classic rock/heavy metal is brought to new dimensions.


  1. The Last Temptation of Christ
  2. Disciples of the Dragonlord
  3. Wailing Wall
  4. Shadowchaser
  5. Die Alone 
  6. Hoodoo Ceremony
  7. Southern Conjuration
  8. Walker the Stalker
  9. Desert Nights 
  10. In the Name of Rock 
  11. Confessions