Anubis Gate - Anubis Gate CD

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Anubis Gate isn't an album that's about endless keyboard/guitar unison soloing. It's all about the songs. From the classic Anubis Gate opener "Hold Back Tommorow" to the melancholic, but very chrunchy, "The Re-formation show. From the fast aggressive "Desiderio Omnibus" to the epic "World In A Dome". From the surprising "Oh My Precious Life" to the atmospheric "River" this album displays Anubis Gate at the top of their game while in no way rehashing the last two albums. Quite to the contrary this albums sees the band taking new turns whilst retaining the core of all the albums that came before.


  1. Hold Back Tomorrow 
  2. The Re-Formation Show
  3. Facing Dawn
  4. World In A Dome
  5. Desiderio Omnibus 
  6. Oh My Precious Life
  7. Golden Days
  8. Telltale Eyes
  9. River 
  10. Circumstanced