Ancient Bards - "Origine (the Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)" - CD

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The Italian Bombastic/Symphonic Power Metal band around the strongly-voiced front lady Sara Squadrani always went it's own way, but they really go to town on their fourth album "Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)". Their symphonic/epic Metal is cleanly thought through, exceedingly well played and the listener notices Ancient Bards' enjoyment and conviction of what they do. With "Origine", Ancient Bards once again presents an album which not only shows the trademarks of the band, but one which has all the feelings of a cinema soundtrack. Once again they have taken a step forward with their epic influences, strengthened the orchestral parts and combined it with racing guitars to a distinctive mixture. Sara's voice tops off the tracks with all her vocal diversity. The quality of vocalist Sara's ability had, by now, reached Holland and Arjen Anthony Lucassen invited her, alongside a star-studded guestlist, to participate on his album "The Theory Of Everything". "Origine" is an outstanding statement of epic-symphonic-bombastic music, perfectly balanced between concentrated heavyness and great melodies.


01. Origine 2:15
02. Impious Dystopia 5:41
03. Fantasy's Wings 4:51
04. Aureum Legacy 5:42
05. Light 4:43
06. Oscurità 6:20
07. Titanism 5:09
08. The Hollow 3:31
09. Home Of The Rejects 3:57
10. The Great Divide (14:48)
   Part 1 Farewell Father
   Part 2 Teardrop
   Part 3 Il Grande E Forte Impero
11. Eredità Aurea [CD Only Bonus Track]